Attention: Business Owners and Managers

Is Your Business Like a Leaky Bucket?

How much business are you l


How much business are you losing as a result of a mediocre customer experience?




Think about it…

  • You’ve a brilliant product
  • You’ve invested a small fortune in your sales and marketing
  • And hopefully you’re getting new sales


  • How many of those customers buy all they could from you?

  • How many of those customers come back for a second, third or thirtieth time?

  • How many of those customers refer you to others?

It really doesn’t matter how much new business you bring in; unless you can hang onto these customers you’re on an endless treadmill.



Maximise your return on your marketing investment

But how?

Unless you’re delivering a 5 Star Customer Experience and a 5 Star Service you’re leaving a ton of potential profit on the table.


But… 5 Star Service and a 5 Star Experience doesn’t happen by accident.

To create magic moments for your customers your team need the knowledge, skills, authority and confidence to deliver a 5 Star Service.

And I can I deliver customer service training for you …..but with an added twist.

You see my 33 years’ training experience has taught me two critical lessons:

  1. That customer service training in isolation seldom works. It’s what happens before and after the training that’s just as important if you want to make a real difference.
  2. Customer service training (or any other training for that matter) needs to be fun, interactive, relevant and engaging if you’re to spark your team and gain their buy-in so they’re excited to put their learning into practice.

So if

  • you’re the owner or manager of an independent business where the experience your customers receive impacts their perception of value
  • you’d love to turn transactional buyers and casual visitors into raving fans and naturally loyal long term customers
  • you need your team to be fully engaged as they’re the ones who you’re dependent on to meet your customers’ expectations and impact the customer experience
  • you’d love your customers to spend more, come back more often or refer you to others
  • and have a genuine passion for what you do and really care about your customers and the experience they get


Then this is what to do next……

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